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Fighting the spam

by ondrejsv 22. November 2009 15:58

My blog is not immune to those pesky individuals sending their junk throughout the Internet universe. As the blogging engine I use (BlogEngine.NET) has no native way to block them, I was happy to find the Commentor plugin. Once installed, it will automatically check all incoming comments against the Akismet database (in order to use it you must register on the Wordpress and get their API key). You may also easily delete all junk comments posted by spammers before installing Commentor in its administration interface.

I highly recommend to install the Commentor or take another steps to remove spam from your blog because site with junk/regular post ratio 10:1 looks that its author lost all his interest in the site.


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11/24/2009 12:13:00 PM #


Have you considered using some sophisticated comment system, i.e. Disqus, to do the trick?

cruster Slovakia |

12/9/2009 6:42:42 PM #



I haven't considered the Disqus yet as I want to maximize simplicity of my blog both in features and amount of code I have to write Smile.

ondrejsv United States |

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