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Fighting the spam II

by ondrejsv 15. May 2011 19:51

I was running on BlogEngine 1.5 with Askimet antispam protection until today. BlogEngine became notoriously infamous for allowing spammers post fake comments. Just make an image yourself:


More than 8500 comments waiting for approval and 225 automatically approved comments – among these approved comments majority is successful spam that got through antispam filter.

It is above human forces to go through all these thousands of comments so I ‘m going to write a script against BlogEngine API to delete it all – sorry if any of your comment is there.

I upgraded to BlogEngine 2.0 and enabled TypePadFilter together with Askimet. Also I enabled SimpleCaptcha which asks you a simple equation before it allows to post your comment. And I was forced to automatically close posting new comments after 90 days just for sure. Sorry for any inconvenience. If you want to write me about an article posted 90 days ago you may do so by using the contact form directly.

UPDATE: Clearing unapproved comments was not difficult at all – BlogEngine has even a built-in method for that in its web services API  -- it’s well hidden in the api/Comments.asmx service and it’s name is DeleteAll (don’t get confused by its name; it deletes only unapproved comments as you can see from source codes).



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