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Easily migrate MySQL database into SQL Server

by ondrejsv 27. March 2010 20:11

If you want to migrate for whatever reason your MySQL database to SQL Server, forget all commercial tools or pesky DTS or SSIS packages! There’s a gem on the Microsoft SQL Server site called in the sterile marketing language Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant for MySQL or better SSMA for MySQL (currently CTP). Grab it from the Migration page.


Migration process has two steps – first you convert MySQL schema into corresponding SQL Server structures. You can either create tables directly on SQL Server instance or save the schema into file and run it later. In the second step you copy data. Everything in two clicks!

You can change some options regarding conversion between types and other and also you have choice to select just objects you are interested to migrate.

Two clicks and voila:


There are similar tools for migrating from Oracle, Sybase and Access on the Microsoft web site. Hopefully they give us a PostgreSQL one, too.

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