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List of Windows 8 Metro applications in DevPreview

by ondrejsv 14. September 2011 23:13

We all know that that there are two main approaches to develop new “Metro” style applications in Windows 8: HTML5/JavaScript and .NET (predominantly C# and VB.NET) and one complementary approach (C++/XAML). What technologies did Microsoft choose to write demo applications coming in the Developer Preview?

Here’s a short list containing all applications packed up in the Windows 8 Developer Preview together with technologies they are build on and other comments.

So what would be a management summary? 29 applications, 5 of which are written in .NET/XAML, 2 probably in C++/XAML and the rest are HTML5/JS.

Name Technology Comment Immersive tile
Alarms HTML5/JS   image
Piano (audiotagpiano) HTML5/JS   image
BitBox HTML5/JS sound loops sequencer image
BUILD HTML5/JS just a little app showing BUILD sessions image
Copper C++/XAML ??? simple 3D demo image
Five in row HTML5/JS   image
Flashcards HTML5/JS   image
News (hermes) HTML5/JS   image
Chess (checkm8) .NET/XAML   image
Ink Pad HTML5/JS   image
Labyrinth HTML5/JS   image
Measure It HTML5/JS   image
Memories .NET/XAML   image
Mopod HTML5/JS   image
Air Craft (myplane) HTML5/JS   image
Near Me HTML5/JS   image
Notespace HTML5/JS   image
PaintPlay HTML5/JS   image
Picture Stream (picstream) .NET/XAML    
Socialite HTML5/JS    
Stock HTML5/JS   image
Sudoku .NET/XAML includes Tim Heuer’s code image
Tile Puzzle HTML5/JS   image
Treehouse Stampede! HTML5/JS   image
Tube Rider C++/XAML ???   image
Tweet@rama HTML5/JS    
Weather HTML5/JS   image
Word Hunt HTML5/JS   image
Zero Gravity .NET/XAML Ported Windows Phone 7 application image


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9/15/2011 7:35:04 PM #

Sergio Gonzalez

I was a Windows intern this summer. I can confirm Tube Rider and Copper are both written in C++, no xaml. We were the only 2 teams writing native apps.

Sergio Gonzalez Mexico |

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