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Connectors of Visio n-ary association cannot be right-angled

by ondrejsv 16. September 2009 12:59

This is my very first complaint on my blog but I cannot resist posting. I know that Microsoft Visio is not so popular tool when it comes to UML modeling (though for some diagramming is very useful). Nevertheless I think that its UML stencil could be little bit more friendly.

Today I wanted to draw an n-ary association on a complex diagram. To my surprise I found out that its connectors cannot be made right-angled as connectors of classical binary associations. You must even rotate the diamond shape to position them correctly. However you cannot freely move the role labels. The result is really ugly (I left only relevant shapes on the picture):


I wanted to edit the built-in shape but it’s so complicated (not even mentioning to make it work with Visio UML add-on) that I gave up.

You can instead place an ordinary diamond symbol and connect it by connectors with your classes but the association it represents won’t be stored in your model, of course.

This is how it should look (drawn in the Sparx Enterprise Architect):



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