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VS2010 Bug: Entity Data Model Wizard disappears after selecting “Generate from Database”

by ondrejsv 6. June 2010 17:55

Today I found another annoying bug in Visual Studio 2010. I often work connected to my company LAN via VPN and I have generated some entity data models from databases over the wire in the past. Entity Data Model Wizard which runs when you add a new “ADO.NET Entity Data Model” item in Visual Studio has a “nice feature” that it remembers all connections you entered into it. Of course, if you disconnect from LAN, those connections are not available. If you are unlucky enough, one of those connections may be the first one and default in the combobox where you can select an existing connection to base your EDMX on. Visual Studio probably tries to get information on tables or whatever from the database but if the database is not reachable, it fails very silently and closes the window instead of letting you to select another connection or create a new one. #fail

Fortunately, these connections are the same you see in the Data Connections node of the Server Explorer. So delete all of those which are remote and you have no connection to them any more and the Data Model Wizard would behave properly.


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